Business Strategy & Planning

The market for telco’s is moving from voice to data and demands higher speeds and quality, both on fixed and on mobile. Revenues on voice are declining and new sales are being sought to close the gap that has arisen.

Most networks are already undergoing a major migration from traditional copper or coax networks to future proof networks, or plans are in place to do so.

This provides the opportunity for new broadband services.

Introducing new services in a changing market with existing or upcoming competition is a risk. It is important to price existing or new services competitively and, where possible, to bundle them in order to increase loyalty. It is therefore necessary to have a plan for the next 3 years that describes your strategy. Such a plan – bases on market demands – should address and align HR, technology, commerce, finance and regulatory affairs.

Such a 3-year plan can serve various purposes:

  • The alignment of C-level on trends in telecom in general and your company in particular.
  • The alignment of C-level on Objectives, Goals, Tactics and Timing.
  • The clear communication with various stakeholders.

NTCS can support you with experienced consultants with local knowledge on every aspect. Our output consists of an Integrated Technical and Commercial Roadmap with a sound Financial Outlook.


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