Roaming strategy

The international roaming business has completely changed over the past few years. For small and usually “net inbound” operators, roaming in general is responsible for 10-20% of revenues and even higher percentages of EBITDA. This asks for an active approach protecting their roaming business.

Whole sales rates have declined due to regulation, group negotiations and traffic steering. Furthermore the Balancing Act raised the challenge for Net Inbound operators to protect their Inbound revenues while on the same time grow volumes and margins on Outbound roaming. More and more operators negotiate as a Group and prefer to negotiate with other Groups. This is a risk for stand alone operators.

Because of the developments mentioned above, smaller mobile operators are confronted with some essential questions and challenges:

1. Wholesale business

  • Negotiations
  • How to beat a competitive group as a stand alone operator?
  • How low can we go?
  • No traffic without preferred agreement.
  • Minimize Net paying positions
  • Outbound rates that support our Retail offer
  • Optimize Traffic steering
  • Review M2M traffic

2. Retail business

  • Offers
  • Competitiveness, Margins
  • Bill shock prevention
  • Bundles
  • LTE Roaming

3. Optimization

  • Cost levels roaming enablers
  • DCH/FCH, signaling, VAS’s
  • Termination cost to Europe
  • Revenue Assurance improvements
  • QoS

We offer business support on Roaming which improves the profitability of the roaming business. Activities vary from strategy consulting and IOT negotiations support to retail proposition development and interim management. We provide concrete advice and can also take care of the execution and make sure that the benefits are actually realized.

Roaming Business Scan

Furthermore we offer a roaming business scan. This scan results in concrete recommendations to lower costs, increase revenues and enhance the competitive position (5-20% EBITDA improvements).

The roaming business scan focuses on:

  • Roaming P&L on in-& outbound
  • Roll out & services
  • wholesale IOT negotiations. Are there preferred agreements with the main “inbound” operators and groups? Are the IOT’s at competitive level? Is there an opportunity to increase the IOT’s?
  • Do we have traffic steering tools in place so we can direct our own traffic to our most preferred partners?
  • Can we use a dual IMSI or a hubbing solution to increase inbound and outbound volumes and lower operational costs?
  • Do we have the right wholesale IOT agreements that facilitate a competitive retail proposition? Can we make a competitive retail proposition that increases usage and/or grows our market share in the high usage/business segment?
  • Do we have any obvious revenue assurance leakages

NTCS can support you with experienced consultants with local knowledge on every aspect. For questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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