In 2001 KPN ceased all of their international telecom consultancy activities. Sjef Ramakers and Marcel van Dam, responsible for the Caribbean, took on all ongoing projects. And Netherlands Telecom Consulting and Support, now simply known as NTCS, came to life.


Since 2001, the company has grown into a specialist within every aspect of telecom consulting. After numerous projects in The Caribbean and Africa, we are now also active in our home base, the Netherlands.

Mannetje telefoon wereld

Our knowledge and experience have made us into the company we are today, through hundreds of projects. With our roots firmly set in Holland, we now work for telecom companies worldwide.


We can safely say we comprehend the telecommunications market. We offer support in different fields: commercial, financial, technical and so on. On every level: strategic, tactical and operational.

Whatever the assignment, we use the best professionals and associates within our carefully built network.

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To be able to grow and survive, nature needs to keep evolving. Bees play an important part in this process by taking care of the crucial cross-pollination.

Like nature, telecom tends to evolve rapidly too. Whether it involves a change in customer behavior and new techniques, advancements, player’s and/or the rules. We bring the necessary ‘cross-pollination’, with knowledge, ideas, fresh energy and new perspectives.

What a Bee is to nature, we aim to be to our customers.

NTCS bijtje breed