Our energy services

NTCS offers the knowledge and experience of professionals that made the Netherlands a front-runner in the energy transition. We provide support to utilities, regulators, and governments over the complete energy value chain.

Over the past 6 years, we have been supporting many clients in making them agile, outward-searching, and competitive. To enable them to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy via innovative services relying on solid business models. we provide support for every element in the energy value chain, from generation to distribution, in procurement, engineering, IT, HR, and finance.

NTCS has built up an extensive network of consultants with professionals active and leading in the energy sector and supports various energy utilities in projects related to, amongst others, roadmap and strategy development, AMI procurement and deployment, renewable energy integration, digital transformation, cyber security, data-driven decision-making, network planning, and grid modernisation.

Strategy & Roadmap Development


Procurement & Regulation Support


Data Analytics & Grid Design