To whom this may concern

On May 10th, 2018 Sjef Ramakers passed away at the age of 72 on a result of
ALS disease. Sjef started his career at PTT Telecom in switching, signaling and transmission, in migration analog to digital networks. From the beginning of the eighties he started working internationally, first for Nepostel, later rebranded into
KPN International Consultancy. In his role as consultant and later Area Director he has developed and executed consulting projects in over 60 countries.

Sjef built a great network of people around him. For over 35 years he visited
Caribbean telecom operators several times a year. He loved listening to people and sharing/exchanging knowledge. With these and other great attributes that he had, he gained a lot of sympathy from people, especially in the Caribbean telecom sector.

We are grateful for what he has meant for us personally and for NTCS as a company and will treasure his legacy. We will always remember him with a smile.