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Development of New Products and Services

Revenues from “legacy” services like voice and SMS are decreasing further every year as they are more and replaced for Over the Top (OTT) services like Whatsapp, Facetime and Skype. A major risk for telecom networks is that they only deliver a “dumb broadband pipe” on which third parties are earning the money. Obviously this will have a significant effect on the revenues, profits and staff requirements.

In order to mitigate this risk, a telecommunications company needs to continuously develop and launch new products and services and offer these on top of the broadband connection. Launching these products requires a new approach and cooperation with vendors that cooperators are not used to. An agile way of working works better than a traditional waterfall approach. It also requires a multi-disciplinary approach in which network, IT, commercial, legal and operational resources work closely together. NTCS can support throughout the end-to-end process.

NTCS has supported multiple telco’s to rollout products like Manged WiFi, IoT, Cloud services and Datacenters.