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Fixed Acces Network Strategy (DSL, HFC, FttH)

Consumers and business require more and more Internet bandwidth to cater their appetite for on-line (video) content, cloud services and social media. This demand will grow to Gigabit speeds in the next decade. Traditional copper network can not deliver these. Fiber and Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks do. Current access networks need to evolve towards a future-proof Gigabit-ready network in a well-managed end-to-end multi-year program.

NTCS has developed an integral approach to Fixed Access Network Evolution that consists of eight building blocks. NTCS can support each block by offering experts with extensive knowledge and experience in this block. Whether it is a strategist, an architect, a program manager, a specialist in procurement of material and labour, a trainer or any other role. Whether it is about outsourcing everything into a turn-key project or executing (parts of the project) in-house. Whether it is FttH, FttB or HFC. NTCS has a large network of Access Network professionals and will select the right one based on the exact needs.

NTCS has supported multiple network operators with their network evolution:

HFC Network evolution at SETAR Aruba: strategy, deployment and operations.
FttH deployment at TeleSur Suriname: Architecture, Survey and Design.
Copper to FttH migration at BTL Belize: strategy, architecture, program management.
ADSL to VDSL and FttH migration at Eutel St. Eustatius: Strategy and program management.
DSL and HFC consolidation and FttH deployment at TelEm St. Maarten: Strategy, Program Management and Procurement.

NTCS can support you with experienced consultants with local knowledge on every aspect of the Fixed Access Network aspect.