High-speed broadband networks allow the transport of high-quality (HD) video streams to customers. This allows network operators to combine internet, telephone, television and even mobile services into a triple-play or quadruple play offer.

Launching television is a complex project in which technology, commercial, legal and operational challenges need to be overcome. Some vendors therefore offer an integrated Managed Service for a fee per subscriber. Some others offer the integration of best-of-breed building blocks.

The availability of interesting content is crucial for linear, on-demand and replay TV. Acquiring the rights for this content has proven to be difficult for small English-speaking Caribbean countries.

Our experience includes:

  • Launch of IPTV service on the FttH network of UTS Curacao.
  • TV Launch Access network and in-home architecture for TelEm St. Maarten.
  • Television RFP Responses review for BTL Belize.
  • In-home architecture (in combination with Managed Meshed WiFi) for SETAR Aruba.

NTCS can support you with both the end-to-end launch of television as well as a selection of building blocks from the overview above.