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Procurement  & Regulation Support


An end-to-end procurement process, from requirement identification and planning all the way to payment, is a key element for the efficient and aligned incorporation of new products, technologies, and services. Our experts believe that a well-defined procurement process enables organisations to gather requirements from across the entire organisation, translate these into clear documents, and incorporate them in transparent selection processes.

Based on international best practices in international procurement, NTCS supports organisations in developing, enhancing, and/or executing their procurement processes. NTCS supports, amongst others, by implementing IT systems that support the procurement process, by drafting and reviewing RFQ/RFP documents, and by supervising RFQ/RFP processes.


In order for new technologies to leverage their full potential, adaptations of the regulatory environment in which they operate are sometimes required. For example, rooftop solar and private charging facilities demand households to approach their energy consumption differently. The right environment for the adoption of new technologies can be created by proper regulation.

NTCS supports governments and regulators in defining and implementing new regulations. NTCS informs about international success stories regarding regulations by giving workshops and presentations and supports in drafting regulations and regulatory frameworks. Collaboratively, we design regulations that help new technologies and sustainable behaviour thrive.